Outdoor Learning 2017-18

In September Year 2 were looking at different habitats. They visited the Hirst Wood Nature Reserve and explored different habitats to see what life they could find. They looked in the pond, the soil, under logs and stones, in the leaf litter, in the trees and bushes and in log piles. They then recorded everything they observed. 
In October Year 3 were looking at the topic of Pirates. They were marooned in the woods and had to build shelters to keep them safe and dry. They also completed a task following compass directions to spell out 'HELP' in letters on the ground. 
In October Year 1 learnt about different woodland animals and their habitats. They visited Hirst Woods and looked at signs of Autumn and how animals prepare for winter. They built them some animal homes and identified different animal tracks.
In October the Nursery Children explored the nursery garden to find lots of different Autumn leaves and identify their many colours. They traced the leaf shapes on coloured acetate and helped to create some natural willow sculptures and leaf collages. Their work was then used to decorate the garden ready for the formal opening of the garden. 
In October Reception visited Hirst Woods to attend Wizard school and spot signs of Autumn.. They found out about the different animals that live there and did a scavenger hunt finding natural items. They finished by creating a magic wizard spell and by playing games in the woods.