Outdoor learning 2018-19

In September Year 1 were reading 'The Bear Hunt' story. They all dressed up as bears and re enacted the story outside. The noise woke up all the other sleeping bears who came out and got lost and needed some new dens building for them. The children searched for and found them and then built some very creative dens for them out of tarpaulin sheets, canes, string and clips. They then read stories to their bears in their dens. 

As it was Halloween the Reception children dressed up in spooky outfits and we all went to the woods. They invited their parents and carers to come along too. We did a scavenger hunt and played games together. We also made a witches spell that made biscuits !! To finish we read the story ‘Room on the Broom’.

The Reception children invited their parents and carers to spend the day with them at school. As it was Bonfire night we had a campfire and toasted marshmallows over the fire. The children also learnt about the 3 things needed to make a fire and about keeping safe around fire.  

Year 1 wrapped up warm and visited Hirst Woods. They looked at all the different woodland animals that lived there and how they prepare for winter. They learnt about how they survived in the cold and built them some animal homes. They also identified some animal tracks.
Year 2 became Astronauts for the day and attended an outdoors Astronaut training camp. They completed physical fitness, Maths, Geography, Literacy and Science based activities to train to become qualified to go up into space. They all worked together really well in their teams and were very enthusiastic. 
Year 3 were learning about natural disasters and became the victims of a volcano eruption for the morning. They experienced a set up emergency situation in Hirst Woods and built shelters in teams. They also used compass points to mark out a SOS message. 

After their residential trip to York to learn about the Romans, Year 4 became Roman engineers for the afternoon. In teams they designed and constructed Roman Ballisters. They then tested out their giant war machine catapults with a cork firing competition.   

Year 6 had been learning about refugees and charity organisations that give aid around the world. They designed and constructed their own refugee shelters in our school grounds.