21st June 2019

21st June 2019
Dear Parents and Carers,
What an amazing week it's been here at Saltaire Primary School. Our Eco Engineering Week has been a great success and we've been winning all sorts of prizes and awards. Our children have shown their trademark enthusiasm for learning throughout and we've really enjoyed seeing the results.
Eco Engineering Week
This week began with an informative assembly from Miss Jacklin who told us all about how dangerous and difficult flooding can be to some parts of the country. She asked each year group to complete a challenge related to helping people when they have to deal with a flood. Each task encouraged children to use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in solving a problem. We've had boat building in Reception and Year 2, bridge building in Year 3 and water filtration in Year 4, as well as lots of other exciting challenges.
In addition, children have been encouraged to walk to school all week by taking part in our competition and we've been looking at sustainable lunches by asking children to bring packed lunches which use fewer packets and plastic. We also celebrated Clean Air Day on Thursday by launching a new no idling campaign to encourage people to switch of their engines when they have parked outside school.
The week has been a huge success. Many thanks to all of the staff and children for taking part with such enthusiasm. In particular, thankyou to Mr Breeze, Mr Evans, Miss Jacklin and Mrs Patterson for all their help in organising such a brilliant week.
Language for Learning Conference
On Tuesday, five of our Year 4 children went to a big conference at the Midland Hotel in Bradford to share their Boudicca battle cries with the audience. The children had written the speeches themselves and learned them off by heart, performing them to over 100 people. They were very nervous but got over that easily to a great response from the audience. They were brilliant.
May Day 2020
Please note that due to the 75th anniversary celebrations for VE Day next year, the May Day bank holiday has been changed to Friday 8th May 2020 (rather than Monday 4th May). We have updated our information on the school website.
Woolsack Debating Competition
On Thursday, two Year Six children went along to Cartwright Hall to take part in the annual Woolsack Debating Competition. They were in a team with children from Heaton St Barnabas Primary School and Rainbow. We are so proud of them because they won the whole competition after successfully winning three separate debates. This is the third time our team has won the Woolsack and we couldn't be more pleased. Well done.
Young Open 2019
In other news, our resident artist, Sharon Snaylam has entered several pieces of our children's art work into the Young Open art competition at Cartwright Hall. She found out that our whole school has come second in the competition due to the high quality of the work submitted. Well done to all children who have been entered and to Sharon for helping to make the art work across school be such high quality.
Gymnastics Competition
Well done to our two gymnastics teams who both got silver in this week's gymnastics competition. The advanced team were so close to getting gold, with 0.1 points in it. Well done to all who took part.
New Class Teachers
I have written to parents and carers today to inform you about which class your children will be in next year. Please see the list below for further information.
I hope you have a great weekend. See you next week.
Mr Whitehead