Outdoor Learning 2016-17

Year 3 have been learning all about Pirates this half term. They were marooned in Hirst Woods and built shelters and used their compass knowledge to get themselves rescued.   
During Science week Reception made Kites using straws, plastic and wool. They learnt about how the wind lifts the kites and had a lovely time flying them outside. 
Reception visited Hirst Woods to spot signs of Autumn and to observe the changing seasons. They found out which animals lived there and did a scavenger hunt collecting natural items. They finished by playing games in the woods. 
Reception learnt how to build a fire and that a fire needs fuel, air and heat to keep it going. They also talked about how to stay safe around a fire and toasted some yummy marshmallows.
Year 2 have been looking at designs in nature. They visited Hirst Wood Nature Reserve to observe the different colours and shapes there. They then used their inspiration to design and create their own pieces of art work using natural materials.
Reception held a family day where they invited their parents and carers to come into school to visit their classrooms. Together they did lots of activities including making natural crafts like stick photo frames, pine cone reindeers and ribbon christmas trees. 
Year 4 brought their parents along to their own Mystical Creatures Evening at the Hirst Wood Nature Reserve. With our resident artist Sharon Snaylum they researched, designed and created their own mythical goblins, fairies, sprites, elves and trolls. These were put on display at the reserve along side QR codes, a secret word trail and a wishing tree. The Hirst Wood Regeneration Group decorated the Reserve with candles and it looked very festive and magical in the darkness. 
Year 6 have been learning all about the village of Saltaire. They took part in a revision trail about Saltaire down at Hirst Wood Nature Reserve. They followed a trail of questions covering History, Geography, Geology and general knowledge all about the village and surrounding area. They also used ipads and scanned QR codes to find a hidden message and compass points to locate the questions. 
Year 5 have been learning all about our solar system. They completed a question trail around the school grounds testing their knowledge of space. They then drew their own solar systems on the playground and labelled the planets in the correct order from the Sun to Neptune. 
Year 1 visited Hirst Woods to spot signs of spring and to learn about the woodland animals that lived there. They learnt about, named and created different animal habitats of their own and did a quiz on animal tracks in the woods.
Reception had an open day for parents and carers. As part of this the children learnt about growing plants. They decorated a plant pot each and planted a spring Primula in it to take home and look after. 
Years 3 and 5 were challenged to create their own tracks and trails around the school grounds. Each team used different forms of clues like sticks, glass beads, chalk, pebbles, numbers and pictures. They also used tracking signs that led their peers to find the hidden treasure. The groups worked together well and were resilient and creative with their approaches and ideas. 
Year 4 had been learning about the Romans. We set up a carousel of 3 Roman team building activities. The first group of engineers had to design and construct a working aqueduct to provide a Roman city with fresh water. The second group had to build an aqueduct out of wooden bricks using arches strong enough to support and carry water across it. The third group did an outside multiple choice question trail about the Romans. 
Carrying on with the Roman theme Year 4 were tasked in groups to design and construct some giant working catapults. These would be just like the Roman Ballisters that were used during sieges and battles. They used wooden poles, elastic bands, string and cups to make their creations. Once made they tried different techniques to fire corks from the cups. We then had a competition to see who could fire them the furthest. 
Reception had an open Family Day when they invited their parents and carers in for den building and lots of fun activities. Together they used tarpaulins, canes, clips and rugs to create their own special places. They then read stories and ate ice pops in their dens. 
Year 4 have been classifying animals and learning about animal food chains and different animal habitats. They visited Hirst Wood Nature Reserve to do a hunt to see what creatures they could find. They did bug hunting, bird spotting and pond dipping. Once found they identified the animal, then recorded where it was found and whether it was a mammal, reptile, amphibian, invertebrate or mollusc. They also recorded whether they were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. Once back at school the children created graphs to classify and record their findings.  
The ECO club visited Hirst Wood Nature Reserve to plant up our adopted raised bed with plants kindly funded by our FOSPS group. They also used colour swatches to identify colours in nature and collect items that matched them.