Parent Survey

In July we conducted an online Parent Survey. The results of this can be seen below. We have greatly valued all the feedback we have received and thank all parents and carers who have attended our Parent Forums and responded to Twitter surveys last year. We are very proud our work in engaging families however, we are always keen to improve what we do and as well as responding to the questions posed in the survey we received some really useful ideas about improving our school and communication.

This year, we are acting on your suggestions in the following ways:

You said………………

What we are doing:

Parents require plenty of notice for assemblies, special events, etc. Working parents need more notice so they can be better prepared.

We now use a number of different forms of communication to ensure that parents are informed of upcoming events, eg. email, letters, texts and the school website. We are committed to ensuring that parents get as much notice as possible. Dates for upcoming events are listed on Mrs Stoker’s monthly newsletters, the calendar on the school website is regularly updated and teachers have been briefed to provide maximum notice of visits and special events in school.

In school reports, it would be good to hear about key moments which are personal to my child more than curriculum coverage. It would be helpful if short reports could be sent out throughout the year.

We will be trialling and rolling out a new online reporting system throughout the year. This will provide parents with more regular access to their children’s reports about learning and progress.

With regards to information about trips etc, I wonder if the school could adapt a template in which it is always stated times, lunch arrangements, clothing etc.

We are reviewing our visit letters so that a standard format provides all the information required to prepare parents and children for a visit.

I would like to see a clear policy on healthy eating for the school incorporating not just treats, but school meals, the snacks that are available to buy from the office. Is there possibility to develop a school vegetable garden for instance?

From September, sweet treats are only being given on an occasional basis. Our school meals service is provided by Bradford Council and this is carefully planned to provide a balanced meal. School council will this year be reviewing the snacks offered at playtime to look at a range of healthy options. Year 3 gardening club has started and they will be growing a selection of vegetables this year.