Curriculum Provision

Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I may remember,
Involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin

Our Curriculum Intent

At Saltaire Primary School, our vision is for all our children to be well prepared to take their places in the global community. Our ethos ensures that we develop independent and resilient learners, curious about the world around them and confident to make informed decisions. We believe that the foundations for learning are rooted in the ability to read and write fluently and by enabling children to become confident mathematicians. In doing so, our children will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in a range of contexts. As Champion Learners, we want our children to have a true love of learning and believe that this is achieved through a broad and varied curriculum, promoting enjoyment of all subjects, from history to geography; art and music.

Introduc[ing] pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and help engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement’, (Primary National Curriculum, 2014). 

We are committed to nurturing the whole child, helping children to develop positive relationships and provide many opportunities to develop their spiritual and moral understanding. During their seven-year journey with us, our vision is that our children develop academically, physically, socially, spiritually, morally, culturally, and artistically, acquiring detailed knowledge and skills which progressively build from year to year, providing children with challenging and enjoyable experiences which live in their memories forever.

How we implement the school's curriculum

The National Curriculum (NC) provides both the content and the framework for most of what we teach at Saltaire Primary School.  In the Early Years, children experience the seven areas of learning required as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  To ensure our curriculum meets our intention and vision for the children in our school, we have developed a bespoke learning journey which is ambitious and adventurous. Each learning unit is based on an exciting context so that children fully engage and build cultural capital. Subjects are carefully mapped so that learning progressively builds on children’s prior knowledge and understanding. We ensure that lessons are relevant to the children’s lives, drawing on their interests and our local environment and rich social and cultural history. We recognise that teachers have their own curriculum expertise and interests, harnessing their individual knowledge and enthusiasm to develop excellent subject knowledge across the curriculum. This is further supported through the use of curriculum teams to implement strategies and ensure broad, rich experiences for our children. Our use of time is carefully planned and we work to provide high quality resources so that children can develop deep understanding in the full range of primary subjects.


Our curriculum is implemented using the following strategies:

White Rose Maths approach to develop mastery supported through the Power Maths scheme

Accelerated Reader system to promote a love of reading and challenge

Carefully planned themes using guidance from Chris Quigley’s Essentials so that all subjects are well represented

Dialogic approach, progressively developing children’s oral skills and spoken language strategies

Whole class texts, linked to the current unit of learning

Knowledge organisers, shared with children and parents so that everyone knows about the intended content

Working walls which act as an ‘additional adult’ in the classroom

Real, high quality resources

Specialist teachers of art and MFL

Champion Learning approach to develop resilience and positive attitudes to learning – Concentrate, Cooperate, Create and Challenge

SCARF programme to support the delivery of PSHE and Relationships education

Safety curriculum, including online safety

Visits and visitors

Opportunities to build SMSC into lessons whenever possible

Opportunities to use computers, both to develop specific ICT skills and to support learning

Using a highly inclusive and nurturing approach so that all children, whatever their backgrounds, can achieve highly

The following sections provide more detailed overviews of our curriculum content.

You can find out more about our school curriculum in the following ways:
Meet the Teacher sessions in the summer term
Curriculum information evenings
Parent consultation sessions
Year group newsletters
Curriculum overview leaflets
We will inform parents and carers when information sessions are being held