Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious Education at Saltaire Primary School is meaningful, relevant and celebrates the rich and diverse cultures of our community.  Our aim is to enable children to understand and respect the beliefs and views of others. We want them to develop empathy with people of different faiths and understand that we can all live together in harmony. We will teach them to value their unique place in the world and to respect the place of others. Children will be taught to develop their own views and explain different concepts. They will be encouraged to compare the practices of different faiths with how they live their own lives, and to look at evidence to support their own views and those of others.
By the end of their Saltaire Primary School Learning Journey, our children will:

  • Own the knowledge of the beliefs and practices of the main world religions
  • Appreciate and respect how religions & other world views address questions of meaning, purpose & value
•          To explore how religions & other world views influence morality, identity and diversity

Mrs Heather Morgan

HLTA Key Stage One