School Vision and Values

Vision Statement

At Saltaire Primary School, we believe there is no better place of learning – for our children, our staff and our wider community. Our vision is for all our children to be well prepared to take their places in the global community. Our ethos ensures that we develop independent and resilient learners, curious about the world around them and confident to make informed decisions. Therefore, we are committed to providing the very best opportunities for development, rooted in meaningful experiences and a bold, broad and challenging curriculum. We have high aspirations for our children’s futures, recognising the pivotal role we play in securing their learning journeys. Our highly nurturing and inclusive ethos ensures that no child falls through the ‘safety net’. Our teachers and support staff are highly skilled, supported through strong professional partnerships so that teachers are fully prepared for the challenges of their work through high quality professional learning and support. We achieve this vision by ensuring that all stakeholders subscribe to the following core values.