Complaints Procedure Statement

Complaints Procedure Statement


Saltaire Primary School aims to provide high quality education for all children at all times.   The school welcomes every child and family and aim to provide friendly, nurturing environments within which all children can learn and develop.

This school believes that children, parents, carers and visitors can expect to be treated with dignity and courtesy, with prompt consideration being given to their needs and wishes.   School staff aim to work in genuine partnership with parents, carers and the wider community and welcome suggestions on how to improve their services at any time.     Any parent, carer or visitor who is uneasy or uncomfortable about any aspect of school should bring it to the attention of the Headteacher.    If this does not have a satisfactory outcome within a reasonable period of time, or if the problem reoccurs, then we would request that you put your concerns or complaint in writing, following the complaints procedure and using the relevant form below.

This policy should be used in conjunction with the DfE School Complaints Toolkit (2014) and the Best Practice Advice for School Complaints Procedures (2016).

Stages of the complaints process and online forms for Stages 2, 3 and 4
Stage 1: informal - concern heard by an appropriate staff member
The complainant should raise the complaint as soon as possible with the relevant member of staff (usually the class teacher) or the headteacher as appropriate, either in person or by letter, telephone or email. If the complainant is unclear who to contact or how to contact them, they should contact the school office by telephone on 01274 584093 or by email at office@saltaireps.co.uk.

Stage 2: formal - complaint heard by Headteacher (or designated member of the senior leadership team)

Stage 1 should be completed before raising a formal complaint. Formal complaints can be raised in writing using the Stage 2 online contact form
Stage 3: formal - complaint heard by Chair of Governors
Stage 2 of the procedure must be completed before moving to stage 3. However, if the matter has not been resolved at Stage 2, then the complaint can be heard by the Chair of Governors who can be contacted in writing, using the Stage 3 online contact form
Stage 4: submit the complaint to the review panel

Stages 2 & 3 of the complaints procedure must be completed before moving to stage 4. However, if the complainant wishes to proceed to the next stage of the procedure, they should inform the clerk to the governing board in writing within ten school days. Requests received outside of this time frame will be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Complaints can be escalated by using the Stage 4 online contact form