Year 4

4J - Miss Jacklin & Miss Sayers
4N - Mrs Noble & Mr Feather
PE days - Wednesday and Friday

Mystical creatures - do you believe?


Welcome back to the start of a new and exciting half term.

Our topic this half term focuses on the fantastical creatures of different countries and cultures. The children will explore and compare fantastical creature folklore from around the world. Within this topic, the children will use maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries, explore the social, ethnic, cultural or religious diversity of past society and design and describe their own fantastical creature. Children are welcome to bring things from home, with your permission, that they would like to share relating to this topic.

Our class text for this half term is The Spiderwick Chronicles, a fantasy story which links beautifully to our topic. The children will analyse the structure, vocabulary and grammar that are key to fantasy texts. At the end of the unit the children will write the opening chapter for a sequel book as well as producing their own field guide of fantastical creatures. Their field guide will incorporate pop-ups and moving parts that will require the children to use a variety of skills such as cutting, shaping, joining and finishing accurately.

In maths, we will continue to work on column method calculations before exploring measurement. We will begin by measuring lengths and calculating the perimeter of a rectilinear shape (including squares) in centimetres and metres. Children will also convert between different units of measure [for example, kilometre to metre]

Later in the half term, we will be working on multiplication and division skills using mental and written methods. This will involve counting in multiples of 6, 7 & 9 and becoming fluent in the multiplication and division facts for the 7 and 9 times tables. We will be linking our computing sessions to maths by using computer code to create a game that tests our times table knowledge.

In science we will be exploring electricity. The children will test and construct a simple electrical circuit, identify and name its basic parts, investigate what helps and hinders the flow of electricity and use what they have learnt to create an electrical Christmas surprise.

P.E. will continue to take place on Tuesday (indoors)with a focus netball, and Fridays (outdoors)with football. Please could you ensure that your child attends school in the correct P.E. kit on those days.

Please remember, P.E. kit should be school colours only, not football kits and with no large logos.