School Day and Holidays


Our School Day
8:50am Doors Open
9.00am School Begins
9:05am Register is taken
9:20am Register closes
10.25-10.40am Morning Playtime
11.45am-12.45pm Lunch Time - Reception and Year 1
12.15-1.15pm Lunch Time - Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
3.20pm Home Time


We ask that Parents or Carers will:

  • encourage good attendance     
  • inform the school on the first day of non-attendance by phoning 01274 584093 or texting 07786 201172    
  • keep child/ren off school for 48 hours after symptoms stop in the case of vomiting or diarrhoea
  • discuss planned absences with the school in advance (e.g. family holidays, special occasions) and complete the appropriate holiday request form at least 2 weeks before absence.

Absence Request Form

If you wish to apply for your child to be absent from school, please complete the Leave of Absence Request and return it to the School Office at least two weeks before the intended absence. Thank you.






Summer – Close


Friday 19th July

Wednesday 4th September                

Half Term  -  Close


Friday 25th October

Monday 4th November

Christmas  -  Close


Friday 20th December

Tuesday 7th January

Half Term  -  Close


Friday 14th February

Monday 24th February 

Easter  -  Close


Friday 3rd April

Monday 20th April

May Day  -  School Closed

FRIDAY 8th May

Spring Bank  - Close


Friday 22nd May

Tuesday 2nd June

Summer  -  Close

Friday 17th July